Term life insurance is the simplest, and easiest form of life insurance. While there are plenty of reasons to explore whole life, variable life or universal life policies, sometimes a term life policy is the best choice. Term life is bought for a particular length of time (the term), which usually corresponds to the length of time the additional life benefits are needed. Common terms are 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 years.

Typical uses of life insurance can include:

Consumer debt – making sure you have enough life insurance so you aren’t leaving your loved ones with bills.

Mortgages – you can match the term of your life policy with the term of your mortgage and make sure your survivors have a paid-for place to live.

Dependent Care – 20 year term is an excellent way to ensure there will be funds to help your spouse raise your children.

College Education – Term life is similarly good for covering those expensive college years.

Funeral Costs –┬áTerm insurance can frequently be the most affordable way to cover funeral expenses

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