Condominium (condo) insurance can be confusing. We’ve put together this blog article and the short video that follows to help explain how condo insurance works. 

Every situation is slightly different, but when you purchased your condo, you likely became a member of the condo association. The association is in charge of maintaining and protecting the structure (buildings) and common areas. The condo association will purchase a “master policy”, which provides insurance coverage for the structures themselves, as well as liability coverage for the operations of the condo and common areas. The master policy DOES NOT cover the interior of the individual units or any personal belongings of the individual unit owners, nor does it provide liability coverage for individual unit owners, outside of their liability from being a member of the association. 

The master policy does not cover: 

  • wall coverings (which may or may include include the actual sheetrock)
  • appliances (even if they came with the unit)
  • furniture
  • tubs
  • toilets
  • light fixtures
  • tv’s, computers
  • your personal wardrobe
  • any structural improvements you have made (adding walls, kitchen islands, etc)

It’s up to individual unit owners to purchase their own insurance policy covering these items, typically called a condo owners insurance policy. These policies cover the personal items of the individual unit owner as well as any structural improvements they may have made, as well as personal liability coverage. 

A common question is how much coverage you will need. In order to come up with an estimate for this, we’ll need to know exactly where the master policy coverage ends and where the individual unit owners responsibility begins. Only an examination of the master policy will show this. It’s beyond the scope of this article, but some master policies cover only the studs in a unit, while others may cover the drywall, but nothing placed on the drywall (paint, wallpaper, stone, etc.) Once we know what the master policy covers, we can use software to estimate the cost of your responsibility to the structural components as well as any fixtures, appliances or improvements. We’ll add to this your estimate of what it would cost to replace all of your furniture, clothers, electronics and other personal belongings to come up with a total coverage amount needed.

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